Rules & Regulations Handbook

October 2014 (revised)

Table of Contents

1.1 Library Cards
1.2 Borrowing Item Limit
1.3 Borrowing Periods and Renewal Limits
1.4 Overdue Fees
1.5 Requested Item Fees
1.6 Unpaid Charges
1.7 Lost or Damaged Items
2.1 Quiet Study Spaces
2.2 Gathering Spaces
3.1 Storyhouse
3.2 Kids Area
3.3 Room 14


The Library’s Rules and Regulations set terms and conditions of usage for library materials, and public spaces. They are designed to preserve and protect the library’s materials, facilities and property; and to support a safe and welcoming environment for all. The Rules & Regulations are administered by the Director of Library Services.

1. Borrowing

Borrowing Rules and Regulations are a mechanism for ensuring equitable access and fair use of collections. They are intended to make materials widely available to the community; maximize the use of collections and services; and secure the return of materials.
Borrowing Rules and Regulations cover activities relating to the registration of Library users and the borrowing and use of Library collections and services. They set:

  • conditions and use of library cards
  • borrowing privileges, responsibilities and restrictions
  • a schedule of fees, which is subject to the approval of the Library Board

Borrowing limits, periods and overdue fees are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are reasonable, effective and in line with nearby libraries.

1.1 Library Cards

1. West Vancouver Residents

A library card is free to all residents of West Vancouver, including those who own property, operate a business, and employees of the Municipality or the West Vancouver School Board. A Photo ID and proof of current address is required to register.

Persons up to and including age 13 are issued a youth library card. Issuance of a youth library card requires the signature of a parent or guardian. An adult card is issued on or after age 14.

2. Lower Mainland Residents

Library cards are also free to all residents of Bowen Island, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Fraser Valley, Gibson’s, Lillooet, New Westminster, North Vancouver City, North Vancouver District, Pemberton, Port Moody, Richmond, Sechelt, Squamish, Surrey, Vancouver and Whistler. Libraries in these municipalities comprise "InterLINK".

If you live within the InterLINK system, you can register for a library card at any InterLINK Library by presenting appropriate identification (usually photo ID with current address). You may register using your home library card or, depending on the library, obtain a separate card from each library.

3. Non-residents

If you are a resident of a community not served by InterLINK (e.g. Lions Bay, Belcarra), annual membership fees are $50.00 for adults; $25.00 for children and students. Student refers to youth from birth through post secondary.

4. B.C. OneCard

BC residents with an active card at their home library are eligible to borrow materials from any library in the province through the BC OneCard service.

Each library determines what kind of materials may be borrowed. At West Vancouver Memorial Library, BC OneCard patrons from other library systems may borrow materials in any format (with the exception of Kindles) to a maximum of 10 items at a time.

5. Visitor’s Cards.

For temporary or non-BC residents, visitor’s cards provide full borrowing privileges for three months. Visitor’s cards may be purchased for $40, of which $20 is refundable when the card is returned in good-standing. Visitors who would like access to internet stations may obtain an internet access card at no charge.

6. Internet Access Card

If you would like to use our Internet Stations but are not eligible for a West Vancouver Memorial Library card, you may obtain a free Internet Access card.

The Internet Access card allows the holder to use the Library's public Internet stations; it does not include borrowing or remote database privileges. To register, one piece of personal ID is requested (photo or address ID is not essential.) The card expires one year after the date of registration. A parent's signature on the application is required for anyone under 14 years of age. Internet Access cards from other libraries may also be registered here.

7. Library Card Renewals

Library cards expire after 5 years. Please visit the Registration Desk with a photo ID and proof of address if your card has expired.

All card holders are responsible for reporting changes to contact information, including address, telephone number and email address.

8. Lost Cards

To prevent unauthorized use of your library card, please report its loss immediately; cardholders are responsible for all materials checked out on your card. Replacement cards cost $3.

1.2 Borrowing Item Limit

1. Cardholders may borrow up to 50 items on a library card at any given time.

1.3 Borrowing Periods and Renewal Limits

1. West Vancouver Memorial Library Collections

Cardholders are responsible for all borrowed materials.

Adult materials

Adult Books, CDs, CD ROMs, Puzzles 21 days 4
Ereaders 21 days 2
Adult New Books 14 days 1
Adult DVDs, Magazines 7 days 1
Quick Flick DVDs 3 days 0

Youth materials

Youth Books 21 days 2
Youth CDs, Grow-a-reader bags and Ereaders 21 days 1
Youth DVDs, Magazines 7 days 1

2. Inter Library Loan Books

Books borrowed through Inter Library Loan have borrowing periods of 14 or 21 days, depending on the lending library’s terms.

It is not possible to renew Interlibrary Loans.

3. Six-week Borrowing Period

Cardholders may request a six-week borrowing period. Such loans are available for all materials except 14 day books, DVDs, magazines or items with subsequent holds.

4. Ebook Collections

1.4 Overdue Fees

Overdue fees are charged for all materials returned after their due dates.

1. West Vancouver Memorial Library Materials

Adult materials


Adult Books, DVDs, CDs, CD ROMs, Puzzles 35¢ $10.00
Adults Magazines 35¢ $ 5.00
Adult New Books 50¢ $10.00
Ereaders $1.00 $10.00
Quick Flick DVDs $1.00 $20.00

Youth materials

Youth Books, Magazines 10¢ $3.00
Youth DVDs, CDs, CD ROMs, Cassettes, Grow-a-reader bags 35¢ $10.00

2. Inter Library Loan Books

Overdue fees for Inter Library Loan Books are 35¢ per day.

3. Ebook Collections

1.5 Requested Item Fees

1. Requests for materials (“holds”) are charged 50¢ each. An additional $1.00 is charged for each item that is not picked up.

2. A fee of $1.00 will be charged for Interlibrary Loans that are not picked up.

1.6 Unpaid Charges

1. Privileges will be suspended temporarily when a patron: owes $10.00 or more; has any item overdue more than 45 days.

1.7 Lost or Damaged Items

1. Lost items will be charged at full replacement cost plus a handling fee. A cost assessment will be made for damaged items.

2. Sound Levels

The Library accommodates people of many ages who have a wide variety of purposes. We encourage the use of our spaces for people to work, study, relax, and socialize. To balance these differing needs, the Library has designated sound levels for spaces in the facility.

2.1 Quiet Spaces

Quiet spaces on the Main Floor include the Peter J. Peters Reading Room, the East & West Wing study carrels, and the Mezzanine Alcoves. The Fireplace Lounge on the Lower Level is also a quiet space.

2.2 Gathering Spaces

Spaces for quiet conversation on the Lower Level include the Waterfall Lounge, the Community Computing Centre Study Booths, and the Asian Languages Room. The Youth Department on the second floor offers gathering spaces for kids of all ages in Room 14 (teens), the Storyhouse, and the Kids’ Library. On the Main Floor, the Main Hall Lounge by the coffee shop and the Courtyard are gathering spaces.

Cell phones may be used in gathering spaces, provided their use does not interfere with other people’s enjoyment of the library.

3. Youth Department

The Youth Department located on the second floor has three areas:

Kids Area
Room 14 (teen space)

Group study and conversation are to be expected in these areas; staff are happy to assist people looking for silent study areas elsewhere in the library.

3.1 Storyhouse

The Storyhouse functions primarily as a space for library programming, most frequently between 10:00am-2:30pm and on several afternoons/evenings per month. When it is not in use for library programming, tables and chairs are available on a first come, first-served basis.

3.2 Kids Area

This space is designed for use by youth, families, caregivers and educators.
The Picture Book Circle offers many educational and literacy play opportunities. Noise is common in this area, especially before and after storytime. We ask that caregivers with children who are experiencing prolonged, excessively noisy outbursts use the Department’s Parent’s Room or the outdoor space in front of the library to avoid disrupting other library patrons.

The computer workstations in the Kids Area are only for use by children. Adults are only permitted to use these workstations if they are accompanying a young person requiring assistance.

3.3 Room 14

Room 14 is the library’s dedicated teen space, created after hearing from almost 400 young people in West Vancouver. While people of all ages are invited to access the collections in Room 14, the seating, study space and computer workstations are designated for youth in Grades 8-12 only at all times.