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The Library recognizes that the arts are a distinguishing characteristic of our community's identity. To support our community's creative talents, we offer spaces that showcase local artists in a setting that invites connection and reflection. 

Our Art Gallery is a canvas for established and emerging artists who work in an exciting range of styles and media.

Come experience this month's exhibit and discover a new artist, perspective and source of pleasure. Works are on display both on the Main Floor and Lower Level.

In addition to our monthly exhibitions, over the years the Library has acquired a collection of fine art. Selected pieces are on display in the Library. Permanent collection

Outside to Inside 

Fibre Art and Painting by Jane Kenyon

January 18 - February 19, 2017

Outside to Inside

For most of my art career I have looked outside myself and responded with wonder at the world around me.  The glory of the four seasons in the prairies, the majesty of the Pacific Northwest, the colours of Mexico, the architecture of Europe have all inspired my artist’s heart and were photographed, photo-shopped and rendered in detailed, meticulous contemporary embroidery. 

With age however, I find myself looking inward and my art coming directly from that inner world. Non-objective explorations and painting expressively have cracked open the safe shell of my art-making: colour and mark emanate from somewhere inside my body other than my conscious self. This inner expression feels very different from the person I show to the world, but through my art these two voices slowly merge and I become more familiar with my paintings and with myself.
The immediate, intuitive process of painting contrasts strongly with the slow, meditative fibre processes. Working with fibre is a deliberate, meticulous working out of images and ideas, an unhurried making sense of the world: expressive painting is an impulsive and intuitive emotional response to my inner world.

Outside to Inside exhibits two distinct bodies of work which appear very different from each other but they exist on a crooked continuum. Being an artist is not one straight line to a single medium and style. It is an ongoing exploration and response to the outer and inner worlds of the artist – without time spent exploring the world around me, I wouldn't have the courage to explore and reveal the world within.